Thursday, March 11, 2010

Business Smarts

I've been cranking out the facials/makeovers this break! So far I've done six faces, I have another scheduled for tomorrow, three as of yet unscheduled, and one on Sunday! Go me!

I brought some extra MK products to my parents' house because I wanted to have some stuff on-hand when I (thought I) was going to do lots of facials during the day at the school my mom works at. Due to various circumstances, the possibility of hanging in the teacher's lounge and giving quickie facials to busy teachers has been postponed for a little while. So now I have two bags of extra products that I've been afraid to take to the one- or two-person facials because that means that (as samples) I couldn't sell them.

So I've been thinking since last night, are the benefits of sampling nearly $50 of products (and so not being able to sell them) outweighed by the benefits of having customers try them, realize they love them, and potentially buy them? Logically, I know the answer is yes. When I went to my most recent facial/makeover (before I became a consultant), I was unmoved by the idea of eyesicles or the satin lips set--that is, until I tried them at that party. Right then, even though I had no money to buy them, I knew I wanted them. I even went so far as to search through all my purses, pants pockets, and jackets searching for spare change or singles. Though my efforts were fruitless at the time to wrangle enough money to buy the products, it was a good lesson for me now--sampling products is key for getting customers to buy them. People won't know how good their lips can feel with satin lips unless they try it, or how bright and fun their eyes can look with eyesicles until they put it on their lids.

So, to get myself to take some more business-friendly risks, I took the satin lips set out of the packaging and used it on my lips so that I could never in good conscience sell them to someone else--so I would have to use them for facials. I did the same with eyesicles and a 5-in-1 perfume/lipglosss sampler. Now, armed with more wonderful products that I believe in and that I know make me feel good, I'm on my way to helping other women feel great about themselves, too!

Learning lots,

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  1. Congrats! It sounds like things are really going well for you, especially with you learning so much through it. That lip stuff sounds really interesting. I was searching the site the other day and I might purchase something if I have extra money soon. Maybe something on a lower end of my budget :) Keep up the good work!