Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello, eleven days later

Well, I'm back. I have been deliciously busy the past few weeks. I went to my parent's house for Spring Break and did a lot of facials and got new customers. Then when I got back to school, I had even more stuff to do! This past weekend I went to the MORE Life Training in Chicago with the Wright Leadership Institute--I have been having such a full life!

I love assisting at the MORE Life weekends because it is a great opportunity for me to learn and grow and have adventures and make mistakes, but also because I really believe in what the Institiute offers and I want to help other people make use of the opportunity to join our community. I went through a lot of personal growth work, did a ton of typing, and had a very exciting rollercoaster weekend--high highs, big mistakes, and low lows. I felt more things than I have at any other weekend, and I have solidified my decision to do whatever I have to do to join Lab (an advanced program at the Instititue). I got to hear and express some deep truths, tell people my heart's desires for them, play during lunch, and stay up late with people who want so much out of life. I feel so much joy, and some sadness that the weekend is over.

My vision for myself is that I bring energy, truth, adventure, and risk-taking to my community here in Bowling Green and push myself to engage fully with others so my life here is fulfilling, adventurous, and intimate.

I heard many new ideas on how to work my business, how to push myself to greatness (instead of good-enough-ness), and how to make my relationships with others more meaningful and adventurous.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Bob and Judith Wright, all my fellow assistants, and all the participants this weekend. I recommend this experience to anyone who wants more out of life, wants to learn to love themselves more fully, and to create deeper and more meaningful connections with the people around them. If you're interested in attending this free weekend training in June, contact me and I will be thrilled and honored to have you come play with us!

Learning lots,

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