Sunday, January 3, 2010

Buscuits, Football, Engines, and Macaroni

Hey all! So as you probably read in my first post, my first big new learn of the year was that a can of baked beans works perfectly well as a substitute for a rolling pin. The biscuits that came from that Macgyver-esque episode of mine were, sadly, not as inspired as the rolling can idea, but I was not discouraged!

The next day, I found out all about engines from my boyfriend whose car is kaput despite having a brand new, four cyllinder engine. His options seem to be either A. replacing the engine again, this time putting in a 6 cyllinder (which may or may not fix his problems but would probably give him more power under the hood), or B. getting a new car. Apparently changing the size of the engine in a car (from a 4 cyllinder to a 6) requires more work than just getting a new engine! Since there are more cyllinders in a 6 cyllinder engine than in a 4 (of course), it stands to reason that the engine would be bigger too! So he'd also have to get a new fan shroud to change the capacity of the engine compartment.

Now if I need to replace an engine in a car anytime soon, I'm a little closer to being able to do it right!

We also had a good, long conversation about football (which I do not follow nor really care to) and how at the end of division 1 college football they do a Bowl system which is different than the Playoff system of professional football and division 2 and 3 schools. Why is it different? And why does it matter? Because in a Bowl system, more teams get to play at the end of the season, and it's organized by conference winners, second-place winners, and third (though that may be wrong, he wasn't sure when he was telling me). The first-place winners of the top conferences get to play in the bigger bowls (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, and one other) and so on down the line. Conferences are organized by region (pretty much) and history of the game. However, in the NFL and division 1 and 2 schools, they do a Playoff system, which guarantees that the top teams of the season will play each other at the end, even if they wouldn't have been contenders in the big Bowl games because of location and history.

For being someone who knows next to nothing about most sports, being able to recall this much information from yesterday is stupendous! Go me!

Finally, today I made baked mac and cheese for the first time ever by myself. I even improvised on the recipe when I didn't have enough of the cheese asked for in the recipe, didn't have the right bake-ware and (those of you with weak stomachs or mother-complexes, stop reading now!) even used sour cream past it's expiration date--but don't tell my boyfriend. It was delicious, and so far neither of us are sick. Let's just cross our fingers that in the morning we feel just as good ;-)

Learning lots,

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  1. I had a similar experience today when I was feeling relatively sick and wanted to cook something to make me feel better. I looked up the recipe for Egg Drop soup and it didn't look too difficult so I picked up most of the ingredients at Kroger, though skipped the sesame sauce and white pepper (I didn't have $5 to blow on it haha) and so I altered the recipe while cooking it (also multitasked while I made an over-easy egg for a sandwich). When it was done I was petrified because it didn't look right. Then I tasted it--I actually think it turned out the best thing I've ever cooked. Congrats on your mac & cheese! Keep cooking!