Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey guys!

Today I learned how to knit--well, more specifically, I re-learned how to knit. I've done it before but not in many years, and when I got the needles into my hands this afternoon, I couldn't even remember how to tie the slip knot onto the needle. (Wait, it's a slip knot, I know what that is! So why couldn't I tie it? Probably because I thought there was some magical, knitting slip knot that rivaled any complex sailing knot. I found out I was wrong when I watched a video about it. Silly me.)

I bought two large balls of yarn with the vain thought that maybe I could get started on my sister's birthday present right now and have it done in time to knit myself, my mom, and all the women in my family scarves by the beginning of March. Haha, yeah right.

I googled "how to knit" because I didn't want to buy a $10 instructional magazine, and found this wonderful website that got me through two hours of casting on, knit-stitching, and, finally, casting off. I ended up with a cute little red trapezoid of knitting sucess, which I have named Zoidberg. It's trapezoidal shape was not, sadly, formed because I calmed down and loosened my stitching as I went, but because somehow I started off with 10 stitches on the needle and ended up with 13. Hmmm... But I didn't drop a stitch anywhere! I think if I practice for an hour a day, I could have my sister's scarf done by Christmas.

I've added a picture of Zoidberg at the bottom of this post, as well as the site that got me started.

Learning lots,

(check it out: www.knittinghelp.com)


  1. That's really amazing. I actually relearned how to knit last summer and started a dual-color scarf. I had to put it down in August before classes started but I'm hoping to pick it up again this semester and have it done by next November or so. Good luck! Zoidberg looks fab!

  2. ps. you could make a whole bunch of different colored squares if you found scrap yarn anywhere and knit them into a blanket...