Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I went to a zumba class today at the rec center. I've never done zumba before, and I have very little rhythm and almost no dance experience. I went mostly because I had missed my regular sculpt class earlier in the day and didn't want to totally skip my work out.

At first I was a little uncomfortable being totally out of my element and with no friends in the class to talk to, but soon I couldn't help myself; I was having a blast! It was so fun and I spent a good deal of the time giggling at myself and with the other women around me who were also having fun. By the end I was completely sweaty (gross? maybe. but awesome? definitely!) and I've decided to keep going to the classes. I felt happier and more energized than I do after a normal work out that is challenging but dull--bouncing around a room with more than fifty other women, sweating to latin dance-inspired music and learning some new moves is totally in line with my new years resolution!

On another note, I've been warily keeping an eye on my printer which has been "out of ink" for weeks but still printing good-quality pages nearly every day. I finally bought new ink two days ago because I was sure it was going to conk out on me soon and I didn't want to be without a replacement. Today (actually, about five minutes ago) the ink finally petered out and it left me thinking: is this just a weird fluke of my printer, or is is a company scam to get me to keep buying new ink cartidges when the one I have is still fine? The printer icon that pops up on the bottom of the screen when printing to show the status of the job has shown an empty black cartridge and a huge yellow exclamation point and the giant letters "WARNING" right above it, probably to scare me into submission and dropping another $25. Ha! Well, little did they know, I'm a poor college student and I milked that sucker dry. So, *sticks out tongue* thpbpbpbpb to you, Canon. I won this round.

Making macaroni and cheese tonight. I still have to take a shower and do mega-loads of homework before bed, so my next krazy kitchen koncoction (wow that last word looks weird) will wait until tomorrow. I can't decide on steak or more chicken... any thoughts?

Learning lots,

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