Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big Slip Up

Sooo again it's been quite a few days since my last post, and I appologize. Mostly I feel like I let myself down by not making sure this blog was high on my list of priorities.

New news on the front:
I have a job! I am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. I am quite a newbie (I officially started yesterday evening) and am looking for opportunities to have facial/makeup parties with beautiful women around the Bowling Green area and around the Chicago area when I go home for spring break. If you're interested or know anyone who might be, you can email me at or give my email to friends of yours! I am very excited and pretty scared about this awesome opportunity. I am excited because it is a fun way for me to become financially independent, and I'm scared because it's all up to me--I'm my own boss, it's my business, the success of it depends on the work I put into it. Wooooohoo! I will be learning so much about what it takes to start and keep up a personal business.

Did you know, Ladies, that if you don't take off your eye makeup at night, your face ages seven days?? I didn't! My goal for the next 40 days (I guess Lent, although I am not Catholic, it just seems like a good way to motivate myself and keep myself accountable for a goal) is to take off my makeup every night so that hopefully by the end it will have become a habit.

I finally moved the TV and DVD players out of my room. I filled the space with pictures and other decorations that had previously been squeezed onto my bookshelves. Already I find myself sitting in my butterfly chair to read, instead of sitting on my bead facing the place where the TV used to be. It feels a lot better to sit next to the window with a book then turn into a potato on my bed watching a numbing screen.

I made enchiladas and pudding on Sunday for Valentine's Day. The enchiladas were very easy and very very tasty, and so was the pudding--it was Jell-O instant, not from scratch. I am going to make homemade chicken tenders tonight and probably edamame. I am so excited that, with this Mary Kay opportunity, I will soon be making money so I can buy more groceries and cook cooler things! Oh, and also pay rent and bills and all that jazz ;)

I am reading a really inspiring book called The Book by Alan Watts. It's "on the taboo against knowing who you are" and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a short, non-fiction account of society, the human mind, and the universe. I am totally engaged and don't want it to be over! I love how much I'm learning about the Self and consciousness and my connection with everything else.

I will post again tomorrow! (Maybe every day posting should be a tacked-on "Lent" goal...)

Learning lots,

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