Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mary Kay

I DID MY FIRST FACIAL LAST NIGHT!!! Two of my close girl friends were my guinea pigs and were totally supportive as I went through my whole spiel about the company, it's history, the products and my I-story before we even got to play with the skin care and colors. I was totally excited because they were really interested in the things I had to say about Mary Kay. I think they were most impressed by all the care that goes into creating the products--two years of lab testing, then our top Sales Directors test the products before they go on the market. Mary Kay doesn't support animal testing and the company works to support cancer research, women's independence and safety, and going green. I love being a Mary Kay consultant because I believe in what the company does and how they do it, and the products after only four days are already making my skin so much brighter and healthier. I feel very joyous about working my next facial party. Who's next??

I am baking a cake with my friends later this afternoon--a late birthday cake for me and an early birthday cake for my friend Sarah. It's a delicious-sounding recipe for a chocolate layer cake that I found in Better Homes and Gardens, a magazine that I discovered I love when I picked up a copy a month or two ago. Hopefully it will turn out well (cream-cheese-brownies-well, not flourless-chocolate-cake-well).

I began three poems yesterday. I finished one and then realized it wasn't the poem I wanted to write, but rather the base for a different poem. I basically wrote down the rules and guidelines (not exactly, but that's the best metaphor I have) in this poem, and need to expand on the emotions and what it means in the second. I think it could turn into something that I'm really proud of. I'll be working on it later tonight so I can have it ready for my Tuesday poetry workshop.

Learning lots,

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