Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taboo Shmaboo

I wrote a haibun the other day about something rather taboo. I was emboldened to do so in part by Janice Pisello (http://grapejuicemusings.blogspot.com/), who wrote on some taboo subjects the last time I had the pleasure of hearing her work, and in part by a monk who wrote about sex and sexuality and sexual parts even though people thought he was weird or even wrong to do it. I don't feel comfortable relating the events that inspired the haibun on the world wide web... that's too much publicity for me. Nor am I ready (yet! maybe later) to share the haibun publicly. But I did it! And I think it's pretty-well written. It was such a relief and so much fun to write about what I believe to be a taboo subject. Breaking the rules is awesome!

I made my first big investment in Mary Kay last night--I bought my first set of inventory! It was terrifying to spend so much money in one sitting, but I know I will make it back and then some--remember the long run, Monica!

I'm also working on remembering the big picture--being aware of the world around me, not just my world. Remember the sands in the Sahara and the mud in Peru. The world is huge and full of things that I don't pay attention to. I want to be conscious of being part of a global community as well as the smaller communities I'm a part of here. Connection!

I'm feeling very scatter-brained lately and I don't like it. I'm going to stop this entry short and go calm down and regain some focus for myself.

Learning lots,

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